Change! TRI-VITA

If i were to create my own robot universe there definitely needs to be a Getta Robo influence somewhere. My take on  Getta Robo are a collection of shapes that combine into three robot choices. TRI-VITA is a special robot specifically designed by a high tech Vitamin developer and CEO, Cancer Fosure . Their sales were reaching record highs so the development team and the founder of the VITA corp company, Cancer Fosure, invested on a high tech super delivery system that allows the VITA corp product to be delivered at a faster pace. Most of the higher ups in the company were against this idea and they thought it would be wiser to broaden their products by opening VITA corp factories around the world. Cancer disagreed and wanted to push for a better delivery service. The VITA corp company and the higher ups decided on a vote and eventually they voted for a new CEO, because they were starting to believe that Cancer's direction was not helping the company move into a new direction. Cancer, feeling spiteful about being betrayed by his own company, disappeared and was told to be never found again. What no one knew was that Cancer and his hand picked development team were secretly using the high tech super delivery technology of VITA corp to develop a robot capable of mass destruction. His only direction in life was the imminent destruction of VITA corp, the company that he once loved.