Sometimes I feel like this is how my face looks like when I do not know what to do with my life. Hopefully this is not the kind of adult I will grow to be, who is unhappy and unsatisfied. Sometimes I feel myself comparing my life with my peers around me and thinking about it makes me feel unhappy. In the moment of unhappiness I find myself falling into a large abyss and it puts me into a state of uneasiness, indecisiveness and distraction. Family members will push yet you know that there is a limit to how far you can be pushed. When you start to feel like their slight pushes are starting to affect your decisions, then you are entering a state of indecision and second guesses. Happiness is what I want to aim for in life and it takes guts to find happiness in your life. For me, the definition of happiness is a sense of satisfaction, and people in general are typically never satisfied. My sense of satisfaction does not comes from the decisions that I make. Even if those decisions are not the best ones you can still feel a sense of power over yourself because you are now taking control of your life and that takes a lot of guts.