Sometimes when you feel frustrated you wish you could do something like this. You just gather your hands together as if you are holding a ball in between your palms. You feel an electric current flowing through your body and all the hair in your body starts to stand. You can feel a warmth accumulating around your body and gradually it makes its way into your palms, emitting an intense heat. The form starts to present itself in a recognizable shape, on of a circular form. It starts to emit a very intense light that encompasses your body and along with the light a gust of wind pushes out from the circular form. The pressure in your hands are starting to overflow and you realize the ball is ready to explode. All of you anger, hate, frustration, humiliation and angst is about to be expressed by this intense moment. As the light flashes the environment surrounding you is greeted by a white flash. As the light fades you look around you and all you see is the destruction that you have cause. Only then do you feel a sense of regret. That explosion of hatred is just not worth the destruction. It takes us years to create and develop but only in seconds we can cause ultimate destruction. With this kind of power can you make the decisions of a god? I certainly wouldn't because I think with this kind of power I will choose the path of destruction.