Delicate Piano Sculpture

This sculpture was just about the most wonderful thing that I saw in the world of the internet, today. From afar, it looks like a piano that has been ripped in half, but when you get close enough, you can notice that it is connected by a very finely sculpted piece of wood. What makes it so amazing is the fact that the sculpture, the wishbone, is still a part of the whole piano, and it has not yet been separated. At least, that is the feeling that is conveyed to me through this piece. Two large, heavy objects that are linked by a very delicate bond. When it is mishandled, which it most probably will be, the chances of the bond breaking is quite inevitable. 

The small wishbone that keeps the object whole, translates to me into various metaphors. It may be eluding to the delicate bonds of human life and relationships. It could be speaking about how we we once whole, but not the only thing keeping us together are but just a wish bone. It could just be a masterfully sculpted object, portraying the difficulty, and meticulous procedure that it had to go through, before becoming a final product. 

However we read into this piece, I can only think about one thing.

"Dude, so how are we supposed to get this up into the 3rd floor, without it breaking?"