Drama Over Music Video

This music video (You can click the video below) has been undergoing bit of petty drama because of it's removal from a respected website. The music video is quite innocent and it is  beautifully rendered. The story is quite touching, and the music amplifies the mood. So why would something as mild as this product receive so much drama?  

Apparently the website that deleted the video is a popular Anime forum (?), and it seems like the managers of the forum have specific requirements over what is considered to be Japanese animation. Apparently the nature of this music video was foreign material, at least foreign to Japan, so it was not considered anime. Strangely enough, the studio, the animators and the voice actor were all Japanese. Well known in their respected fields as well. 

The deleting of this video had caused the people of the forum to argue and debate over the nature (?) of this music video... I was trying to think of examples to make comparisons to this scene. (These examples are all imaginary. I have no references. Maybe some rumors.)

-Gallery curator believes your work is not fit for them, but you approached them believing that you were definitely of their style. 

-Some video games are considered to be works or art, but the elitists say they are not.

I could only think of two examples... I was trying hard to think of other examples but my brain is not responding.  

Kotaku (http://kotaku.com/drama-over-music-video-ignites-argument-about-what-anim-1787972349)
Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzQ6gRAEoy0)