Chuncheon Animation Museum

I took the train over to Chuncheon. It was pretty far off, and the trip took around two hour overall. Luckily I was able to find a seat through the whole journey there and back. The museum itself wasn't easy to get to from the metro station, unless you had a car to drive. There was one bus, but it literally ran every hour and a half or so, so I had to plan my viewing time accordingly. 

I had thought I would need a fair amount of time to look through the museum, but unfortunately this museum wasn't as good as the comic museum. Both museums aren't excellent, but at the least the comic museum had a fair amount of content to look through. The comic museum also seemed to respect the older audiences viewing the exhibit. However, the animation museum wasn't so friendly with the adults and they focused mainly on the children. There were a variety of interactive environments that were interesting but not intriguing enough to draw my attention. The historical facts and example booths were very lazily presented and felt a bit amateurish, hence, not even the children stopped to take a glance. This was kind of disappointing because I would think that there would be some older visitors who could have been genuinely interested in reading up on the history and educating themselves with the material. Unfortunately the presentation was poor, the videos had no sound, and it was just a disappointment. 

They had some interesting historical objects related to the Korean animation industry such as video reels, documents, musical charts, toys etc. They were interesting artifacts, but the Korean animation industry just isn't deep enough to garner enough respect from the general audience. Hence, many of the people were more interested in the Japanese animation and toy area. This made me feel sad because I would truly love for the Korean animation industry to blossom and find it's own character within the realm of the animated arts, and popular culture. 

Overall, the experience wasn't a waste of time, but it wasn't mind blowing. If it was an excellent exhibition then I would throw the negatives of location issues, transportation issues and cold weather issues right out of the window, but that was not the case. Maybe if you had kids, this place maybe a good place to start off your tour around Chuncheon, and then head over the the main attractions around this area.