Lunch and Dog Cafe

I met my friends in one of the locals university districts and had lunch in one of the local markets. One of my friends recommended a place that was located in one of the local markets. The actual shop looks like a tent like contraption and it wouldn't be a place someone would go into as their first option, but it had a nice homely (simple) atmosphere that was somewhat comforting. The pricing was rather cheap for the amount of food that we received, and most importantly the food was really good. it was definitely a place that I could recommend to others. 

After the meal we decided to go to a dog cafe. I had never before been to a dog cafe up to this point in my life so I did not know what to expect. It was surprisingly nice and strangely comforting, considering being in a room surrounded by energetic dogs. The rule of the thumb was to pay around 8000 won (6~7 USD) for the entrance fee. You get a free drink and a handful of dog food. The time that you can spend in the cafe seems somewhat infinite, but I doubt anyone would abuse their stay for so long. Each dog has their go to spot around the room and they have their own little quirks and personalities. When you stay seated on the floor the friendlier dogs will eventually approach you for a petting and a quick nap. Some dogs can be a little fickle but eventually even the more sensitive ones will approach someone for a petting. I never expected it, but there is something about these animals wanting affection. Even when the whole interaction is manufactured the comfort and affection that you feel towards these animals are quite genuine. Sometimes in the civilized world the most stressful incidents happen amongst people, and just sometimes these animals can at times feel more comforting in a world that isn't willingly friendly.