PIXAR: 30 Years Of Animation Exhibit

Just as I got back from my very short lived trip, with more hours spent on the bus, I had decided to visit the PIXAR exhibit. I had been expecting the exhibit to be crowded and boy was I correct. The exhibit was so freaking crowded that you literally had to follow a line just so you could get a closer look at the work. This part of the experience really sucked, but the quality of the exhibit was great. 

To be honest I had already been to this exhibit a few years back when I was in Hong Kong. It wasn't very much different except for a few new animated features that were released during the period from then and now. One of my primary irks about this exhibit was the fact that they wouldn't let me take any photos. This was kind of disappointing because the Dreamworks exhibit and Ghibli exhibit allowed you to take photos but The PIXAR one did not, and too add injury to insult the PIXAR exhibit had less materials to cover. To be fair though, the Artscape and zoetrope are well worth the money, in fact those two features from this exhibit are fantastic and should not be missed otherwise.