I went to Gyeongju over the weekend because I had to stop by to see the local art fair (which was super disappointing...). To be honest, compared to all the things that I had been planning to see, there wasn't very much to do. This was because all of the locations were pretty close to each other so I was able to get through my check list by the time it was a little bit past noon (I had started trekking around 7 in the morning). 

There were a fair amount of historical locations to visit but nothing really left a strong impression. This tower image had been in my Korean history books ever since I was a kid and I had never imagined that I would ever visit it, but here I was. It was much larger than I had been expecting it to be, but there wasn't much to do around here except for this tower. There was a large open field of nothing around it. Actually the whole city of Gyeongju was full of nothingness. it was fairly untouched by city development and there were a lot of farm lands. This actually might be the charm of this quiet city.