Union Art Fair 2017

Union Art Fair, which was located at Insadong, Seoul, was an interesting exhibit with a hip underground, indie vibe. There wasn't a maddening amount of art work to view but I still found myself spending around an hour in the fair. The type of art was mainly contemporary art and the quality varied, but overall I liked the pieces that I saw. I visited the art fair on the last day of it's exhibit so I was glad that I hadn't missed out. 

The overall art space, as you can see, has an unfinished, still under construction type of design, where the wooden scaffoldings are still in place and the walls have not been refurbished. It has a kind of factory setting leading to a sense that this space could have been the artists working environment, making the space seem more personal and connected between the viewer and artist. The pricing of the artwork was more affordable when compared to the larger art fairs, and there were some pieces that had ridiculous price tags. The ones that I thought were cool were along the extremely expensive price range... 

As I was leaving I bumped into one of the artists from the exhibit. She was an aquaintence from back in college and i was kind of surprised to meet her like this. It was nice meeting her after all these years because I had been following her through social media but it's such an empty social experience when compared to actually meeting the person. She seemed well and I made a point to mention how people had already purchased some of her work. I had also told here that I would also like to exhibit in a space like this one day, so I'm hoping to get to where she is one day.