ASYAAF 2017 (Asian Students young Artists Art Festival)

Let me be honest, the ASYAAF this year was very strong. At least in my opinion, compared to last year. The way that they set up the art festival this time round, was comparable to the art fairs where the format was similar to a grid. It seemed more compact, but the navigation made sense. The only downside was that some booths that multiples large pieces, and for pieces that were facing the booth walls required very tight photography, where my back was literally almost against the piece of art on the opposing side. That was why some of the photos were taken from a sideways 45 degree angle because I didn't want to take the risk of damaging the art behind me due to risky photography. (One of the reasons why I love these open art events is because they allow photography, which is great for archival purposes in my behalf.) 

There is also an animated video that I posted somewhere below, so hopefully you guys can take a peek at it. It really is quite a wonderfully animated piece well worth the watch. 

(I uploaded it on the very bottom of this post)