Seoul Gunpla Expo 2017 (part 1)

This was actually a surprise exposition that I just happened to run into. Considering it to be a free exhibit, it was quite a jam packed exhibition with a good handful of beautiful plastic models to gawk at. This was also great because it was right around the corner just after I had walked out of the comic con, which was a thorough disappointment. 

I actually had to divide the expo visit into two separate days because all of my batteries for my photography equipment had run out. On the first day (most of the photos in this post) had been taken with the phone camera, so a fair amount of the photos are not well focused. 

The expo was loosely divided into 5 to 6 areas and about 3 of them were glass displays with plastic and metal models displayed behind them. The first section were a collection of models that I am presuming to be pretty recent or new. The second section was of a collection of toys based on Japanese media, mainly animated shows. The third section was probably the flower of the exhibit where people had displayed their customized models which were created for the purpose of competing in a contest. The remaining three sections were a shop, stage and seated area where people were just unboxing their purchases and building their models on the fly.