Abeno Harukas Observatory

Abeno Harukas is a modern looking building with a shopping center, observatory and museum built inside. It wasn't the most interesting place for me but the observatory view that they had was spectacular where you could see most of the Osaka area surrounding you. They had huge windows so you could get some spectacular photos. I arrived just as the sun was setting so I couldn't get much daytime shots, but I got some decent pics of the sun setting. 

Off in the distance you can see Cosmo tower and right behind it Kobe port.

You can see the tsutenkaku tower.

There was this nice dining/cafe area where you could order drinks and what not, but I wasn't up for it. It had a nice atmosphere with an open rooftop which was interesting.   

They were doing the Hokusai exhibit on the day I was flying out, so I came to see the exhibit on the opening day, a few hours before my flight.

I had been to packed exhibits before but never have I had to line up for tickets. People were lining up before the ticketing booths were even open so I had to join the crowd and wait an hour for my ticket. Once you get the tickets you have to line up ONE MORE TIME to get inside the exhibit. Luckily the later line was much quicker in progression.

By the time I got done with the exhibit the line had gotten longer, and I was sure glad that I had come early in the morning.