Gion Shijo & Yasaka Shrine

Gion Shijo was the most commercial area that I came across while I was in Kyoto. There were some really interesting looking modern architecture in the sense of 19th century modern. I'm not too sure how old or new these Japanese western fusion buildings were, but there was a aesthetic charm to them that was very pleasing to the eyes. 

Being Kyoto, there were a number of shrines peppered around the area but I went to the one that stood out the most, and that was the Yasaka Shrine. It was a very bright looking shrine especially with the afternoon sun coating the surface of the shrine with a warm ray of brightness. From all of these shrine posts, you can only imagine what the shrine would have looked like... Behind the shrine, there were a number of small pathways where you could get lost in. There many people, especially couples, wearing kimonos and just walking a about. This place seemed like the perfect place for an afternoon walk just before dinner time. Once dinner time hits you can follow the driveway up into the large commercial district with it's department stores and restaurants lined up to service you.  

I really liked this European looking building structure. The Asian text on it adds a kind of charm that I would sometimes see in Hong Kong, but many of these colonial buildings in Hong Kong and now pretty rare to find. 

The way the sun was shining down on this shrine almost made certain materials on the shrine look like it was made of gold. 

This strange but fantastic tower reminded me of that movie, Spirited Away.