Mt Seorak Autumn Foliage 2017

Ah, the annual autumn foliage chase... One part fun, nine parts arduous. I am exaggerating about the arduous part, but I really want to highlight how stressful these events can be because of the huge influx of tourists, both local and international. Transportation can be your one way ticket to hell and a simple cable car ride can become a 3 hour wait. Thus, the cable car ride, which offers the best view, had to checked off the schedule. 

I've been coming here almost every year ever since upon arrival in Korea, and it really is a beautiful place to visit through and through. However I have been here countless times to the point where I am no longer awed by its majestic beauty. This time round I took a few alternative courses that I was unfamiliar with, just because I wanted a different experience. 

There is a place called Piagol valley, but that place in in another location on this national park area, and that place at this time round is like being in the subway station during rush hour. I wanted to avoid any more white cultivation so I had decided to avoid that area. Forever! It is worth visiting once though.