Osaka Aquarium

This was the last destination in the main city of Osaka for me. It was a short stop because there wasn't much to do. It seemed like an area where you would get most mileage out of your day if you can as a family unit, around daytime. I came at night because I wanted to see the Ferris wheel lit up and literally this was the only thing that I was able to do. The Ferris wheel was attached to a mall so I went inside for a quick browse. I was planning on eating here but the prices were far too inflated to consider having a fair meal so I had to deal with my dinner elsewhere. 

The actual view from the Ferris wheel was pretty poor due to the quality of the windows. The windows were really faded and foggy, so I had to place my camera on an area on the window where there was the least amount of fog. The price of the Ferris Wheel was not cheap so I would say it was not worth the price. 

Unless you are coming here for the aquarium, I would suggest prioritizing Cosmo tower for a much better viewing experience.