Sokcho 2017

After the hectic chaos that was offered at Seorak Mountain, I had taken the bus, which was dangerously packed to the brim, down the mountain and had arrived at the Sokcho bay area. This place was the complete opposite in terms of atmosphere when compared with Mt. Seorak. It was very calm and serene, and there was a sense of laziness with people sitting around on benches chatting away, and fisherman setting up their fishing rods and waiting patiently for their catch. 

The sea water was calm and the water was surprisingly clear. There was a fishy smell in the air but it was a refreshing scent of the ocean. To be honest I was happier to be down here than being up on the mountain. 

The water was clear enough allowing for pictures like this. The seaweed looks so fresh that I felt like I could just pick it off the water and eat it raw. 

These fish were being dried for who knows what. I believe it was salmon and it was probably being dried for some kind of culinary use, but I have never really heard of dried salmon being offered in many Korean restaurants.  

The way the peachy, oily salmon meat was hanging over the marine blue skyline, it was a delight to look at and it actually looked pretty appetizing. 

This aunties store was my choice of the day just because she wasn't the aggressive type of salesperson, trying to push you into their stores. She was a very nice lady with a calm and confident demeanor, and she was very flexible with the prices and food combinations. 

This is the Squid Sundae. (Pronounced soon-de, not sunday) Usually sundae is a type of stuffed blood sausage, but in this case it is a squid stuffed with seasoned rice. It is then fried, making it a kind of stuffed calamari fried rice. It's a bit on the pricey side of around 7000 won (7 USD) but it's worth a try.

This fried seafood concoction was the main reason why I stopped by this port area. The auntie offered this seafood combination of baby crabs, large shrimp with small shrimps for a fair price of 5000 won (5USD). It was an affordable way of getting a taste for all of the seafood varieties without getting too full. This, I really recommend.