Starsky Exhibit in Seoul

I went to see the Starsky Brines exhibit at the located in the Cheong Dam area of Seoul. The exhibit will run from 3/7 until 4/6, so if any of you are located in Seoul, this exhibit is worth a visit. 

I actually first came across this artist's work through the art fair from last year. I believe it was KIAF but my memory isn't serving me well. My initial reaction to this artist's work was like when one would climb up to the peak of a mountain, and then the spectacular view will leave you breathless. This is as close as I could explain my initial reaction because I was really quite fascinated. The paintings had a sketchy quality to it that reminded me a lot of Basquiat, whom I admire greatly. The defining quality that separated Starsky from Basquiat, in my eyes, was that Starsky had a quirky sense of style when representing his characters. They almost reminded me of the old Looney Tunes cartoons. His composition and mixture of bright colors, and the struggle of exposing and erasing certain areas of the canvas with paint was very endearing. His art had a mixture of drawing and painting elements, but I would say that I was more drawn in by the drawing elements. 

Overall I have a lot of praise for this artist and I hope to see more of his work and his success.

The gallery also had a catering service with some snacks and alcohol, but my favorite stand was the taco stand. They had representatives from a restaurant called Coreanos, a popular Mexican restaurant located in various areas of Seoul. 

I was also lucky enough to meet two local celebrities, Lee Yo-won and Kang So-ra. It was a strange moment for me because I have never, ever approached a celebrity of any kind in my life, and being so close to one, and even asking of a photo made my hands shake to the brink of embarrassment. 

It was an honor to be invited to this event and it was an unforgettable experience where I could not have asked for more. 

Kang So-ra

Lee Yo-won