Hong Dae Free Market 2018

It had been a while since I had participated in the art market. I wanted to make a presence so I went over to the market the other day, but my level of preparation was very poor, so I was only able to put out a meager display. I had to walk around the market and watch the other market participants and ask questions just so I could get back on track. 

This time round though I had a different direction when compared to what I did before. My old plan was to sell prints and posters but this time I wanted to do some kind of a service for the visitors. I wanted to do a little caricature/character design type of thing, so I spent a good half of the day cutting paper and making drawings. I didn't even have a sign that informed people about my services so things seemed pretty rough. To be honest though, I knew this was probably how it was going to be, but I really just wanted to put myself out there again and get back on track on art life. 

After a few drawings people actually approached me and asked me if I could make a drawing for them. I was pretty surprised but I was also excited because it seemed like my time at the market wasn't going to be completely experience-less. My first clients were a couple and they wanted me to make a drawing for them, and because they were my first customers I gave an extra drawing to them for free. The best moment of this exchange for me was their genuine appreciation of my work. I could not feel any happier than when drawing for someone. They also gave me some chocolate because they wanted to give me something extra. 

I had about four more customers before the market had to wrap up, but I have to admit that this was my favorite experience here. This experience helped me decide on the direction on how I am going to utilize my skills for these market place opportunities.