Exhibition About Seoul

This exhibit was probably the most interesting exhibit that I had experienced this year, and it is probably because there were a lot of precision drawings that were shown. I'm also a big fan of Akira and its hyper detailed depiction of urban life. Many of the art work that were shown in the works depicted buildings of some kind. Some pieces were bright and the artist seemed to be expressing the beauty of living in the city. Some pieces felt darker, and made one feel like they were caught in between giant obelisks, being unable to escape the concrete jungle called the city. 

I've been living in large metropolitan cities ever since I was born, and seeing large concrete structures with mathematically accurate straight lines, tight streets and roads with hot steaming cars emitting gaseous fumes, endless rows of people that you have to weave your way around and squeeze through, often being pushed and shoved by people who are trying to chase their schedules. It's a crazy, hectic environment that is easy to hate, but yet I've become so accustomed to the city life that it always feels like home. 

Sometimes I look at the various weeds and plants that wiggle their way through the steel and stones, and then emerge into the open despite the clear disadvantage. Sometimes I feel like the weeds, trying to squeeze my way through an urban jungle, a human concept that I am trying to adjust and adapt to, knowing only how fragile and weak that I truly am...