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Tai Wo

I was running out of ideas for this trip in Hong Kong because my initial plan was not for travel, and because of the circumstances, and me not wanting to stay home doing nothing, I decided to make a trip to a random place that I had never been to during my lifetime in Hong Kong. I opened up google map and searched for a place that seemed pretty far away and seemed interesting, location wise. This random place that I had decided to visit was Tai Wo. 
Tai Wo is located on the northern district of Hong Kong, Kowloon to be more exact. Tai Wo is an area that is pretty close to the boarder of China, and just from being there you might be able to see some slight differences in terms of lifestyle. It's hard for me to describe accurately, but I would say things are laid back in comparison to the busy lifestyle of Hong Kong. 
I didn't exactly have an itinerary so I didn't have any clear directions. I knew that I wanted to go to a park area that I saw on Google map, but I had no int…

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