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Hong Kong Wetland Park

After wondering how much longer it would take for me to reach the wetland park; I was here at last. The strangeness of the random Tin Shui Wai area was thrown out of the window when compared to this area, because of it's well kept family style atmosphere. It was a nicely furbished area with a fair amount of nature to please the eyes. It wasn't the raw kind of nature, but the kind that had a nice haircut; An unnatural representation of nature, but what does a city boy know about what is true nature, right? 😜 (Just figured out that you can add emojis to your blog posts...)
The wetland overall was not a very large area, and you didn't have the freedom to roam around freely, as you had to stay along the path. The linear restrictions did not damper the experience in any way, because much of the surrounding was water, and without the man made bridge ways it would have been difficult to enjoy the vistas. 
Being a wetland, there were a fair number of stork like birds perched afa…

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