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Ping Shan Heritage Trail

Ever since the Wan Chai heritage walk I've been trying to go on these heritage trail hikes. They've been interesting, but at the same time they've been disappointing as well. The disappointment comes from the fact that the area has become very urbanized, but not to the point where there are buildings shooting up left and right, like in the middle of the city area of Hong Kong. Things felt slower paced around this area, and the general mood makes this area feel like it's not quite a city. The atmosphere felt closer to the place I was at in Korea, where it felt like it was in between a town and a city. There was definitely more greenery to enjoy, and that natural aspect of the trail was a definite plus.
The temples that were the part of the trail were not the most aesthetically pleasing places, but there was a sense of history and maybe a hint of tourism. The traditional candy store was an interesting pit stop, and honestly speaking the traditional, syrupy, glutinous ca…

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