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A Sense Of Place Exhibition @ HMOA (Hong Kong Museum Of Art)

All the way from Turner to Hockney, the exhibition was a pretty big deal for art enthusiasts all around Hong Kong. Even during the Covid 19 outbreak, people were lining up in front of the museum. Mind you, they were not lining up to get into the exhibition, but they were lining up to get permission to be allowed into the museum to get tickets. I mean, the tickets were very affordable, around 30 HKD, which would be about 2.50 USD, but of course you would need to be allowed in before you could purchase anything. 
I was early enough to get a pass, to get into the museum, and I was able to enjoy the main exhibit. They only allowed us to be in the museum for 2 hours, so we really only had enough time to enjoy the paid exhibit, which was the 'A Sense Of Place' exhibit, and everything else was really a race against time. 
The paid exhibit was honestly really great, and I would say I got more than my moneys worth, especially compared to what I would usually pay in Korea. The time lim…

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