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Randomly Walking Around Shen Zhen

This time I was prepared for my China trip. I got a pre-paid China Mobile SIM card, so I was able to access the internet. The funny thing is, assuming that all of you guys know that many mainstream social media platforms are blocked, the China Mobile SIM card allowed access to Google, Instagram  and other mainstream media platforms. I was surprised that I had access to most of these platforms when everyone online were talking about the great firewall. Maybe Shen Zhen's network is more lax? 
 For this trip I had a pretty loose plan on where I was going to visit, so I wasn't pressured by time. Yet again I had under estimated the size and distance discrepancy between the map and the actual road, so I ended up walking for miles. 
One of the destinations that I had planned to visit was this green area on the map, which I thought was going to be a grassy area near the sea, but it ended up being a fairly large wetland area. I was surprised to see that the seaside was blocked off by …

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