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Close up on character model sheet

Character Model Sheet

More more from my students

More from my students

My students work,

caterpillar 16

caterpillar 14

caterpillar 15

caterpillar 13

caterpillar 12

caterpillar 11

caterpillar 9

caterpillar 10

caterpillar 8

caterpillar 6

caterpillar 7

caterpillar 5

caterpillar 4

caterpillar 3

space caterpillar 2

Space Caterpillar 1

Jet Strider (Gouache Paint)

Jet Strider (Blue) Photoshopped

Jet Stider (pencil)

Tribute to Racer

Shadow of the Colossus Tribute

The Peeing Boy

Maraton Character Layout

Digital Painting, inspiration from Jonathan Lasker

My First Blog