Prague Sketchbook - Love, Romance, Passion and Rejection!

This page was just embarrassing. It would be great if no one read it but I thought it would be a funny story to share. If you did read the writing on this page you may realize that at this point in my life I was lacking a lot of self confidence and this writing was supposed to reflect somewhat of a step up, or growing up process.

The story was, after touring around Prague we had the night to ourselves so me and a few of our buddies decided to go and get some drinks. We found a nice alternative pub that had live musicians, and the overall atmosphere was pretty cool. The bar was dimly lit so it was kind of romantic (?). The bathrooms were pretty shady because there were a bunch of people just standing around waiting for people to approach them. You can guess what they were doing right? Anyways, me and friends, we had a few beers and we were feeling good about being in a foreign country and all. We were sharing our excitement about the upcoming trip to Vienna. After talking for a while I wanted to take a look at the live band. They were playing your usual band type music, with the drummer and bassist keeping the rhythm, and the guitarist and vocalist churning out the melody. I can't remember if the music was heavy or not but I do remember seeing the most beautiful woman (in Prague) that night. I'm the type of person that just falls for people without the slightest reason why. She had dirty blonde hair and she had dreadlocks. They were long and they feel across her shoulders. She had a blue bandana on and it suited her very well. She had the most european looking features, such as the sharp nose and long slender face. For some reason, the unstably shy me decided to muster up some courage and try and talk to this girl. What was the reason? I do not know. It was a very stupid decision because in reality it just wouldn't make sense right? I approached her and she kindly rejected me. At first I didn't get it so I stood there thinking "Oh right! I didn't buy a drink for her. Maybe thats why she said no." Oh boy... So I went and got two beers and then I approached her again. This time she made it very very clear with her body language and facial expression. I apologized for not understanding and then walked away. It was even more awkward when I saw her making eye contact with one of the band members and the band member was looking over at me with a super concerned expression. I immediately realized the situations and then completely backed off. I was super embarrassed, but at the same time I felt kinda proud because at the least I felt like I was true to my feelings at least at some point in my life and I thought it was well worth the rejection. And as a bonus I had two beers to myself. Woo hoo!