Prague Sketchbook - Adventure Time!

The text on the top right reads adventure. Speaking of which, i'm going on an adventure today. Yay! I'm heading down way~~~ south in Korea. Way down south in Korea there is a province called Chunlado. Chunlado is divided into a northern and southern province. The northern province is called Chunla bukdo and the southern province is called Chunla namdo. They are known to be great tourist areas, at least for the local Koreans. Surprisingly there are a vast amount of locals who have not yet been out and about, traveling in their own country. Wha~~~~t?

The light brown area is South Korea and then the dark brown region is Chunlado. The largest metropolitan city in Chunlado is Gwangju. I have no idea what this place is like but I've heard from from mouth that this province is quite a beautiful place. I'm only going for two days *sob* but it will be a vacation well deserved!