Ever get that feeling, when you are just living your life day by day, something or someone seems to keep looking over your shoulder. Even if you feel like you are alone, or hiding in some unsuspecting place, it feels like someone is judging our every actions. Of course I don't mean this quite literally but figuratively speaking, once you dive deep into the social world, a day never goes by without yourself feeling free from the grasp of judgment and criticism. We have an insurmountable amount of expectations that we expect from one another yet we all know that these larger desires cannot be met. Our social settings may present a vision for us to chase and the chase always seem so possible, yet in reality it is not very possible. Maybe it isn't the social settings that is to blame but ourselves. Maybe the expectations and large ambitions are all creations formed within us, a grey mixture of human elements that tickled the curiosity of Pandora. Maybe the the ominous being that is ever watching, judging and scheming are all visages of our own Pandora's box, our own insecurities created by ourselves.