Sketchbook 2k15 page 57

I was thinking somewhere along the lines of Mechwarrior and Mechwarrior. I was never really a fan of the Mechwarrior computer game series, and even when Mechwarrior was popular during it's time, I thought the designs were outdated and clunky. For some reason the Mechwarrior robots looked like they were pieced together in a garage. If the theme of the game was about DIY inventors creating clunky robots battling each other then the designs might have been charming, but unfortunately the game was about hardcore military battle with missiles, rockets and guns. The only reason why I played it was because a friend of mine had a cool PC that could play 3D games. Playing 3D computer games were a luxury back then and the fact that it was 3D, and it was a first person shooter where you were placed inside the robots cockpit which made it a unique experience. You know what though, now that I look at the Mechwarrior designs, they aren't too bad. They still look like they will fall over if someone nudged them from the side.