Sketchbook 2k15 page 99

I posted a few manga collage pages before this one as well. I'm not quite sure what made me paste these manga images on my sketchbook but whats done is done. The reason why I did pick these specific pictures though is because I thought they were the best/ most interesting pictures that I could find in a manga magazine that I bought. These Shonen Jump manga magazines are very cheap. I mean the one that I bought was imported, and still it was 2000 won (which is about roughly 2 USD). I remember being a kid and purchasing these weekly magazines and viewing through the many advertisements and interesting manga chapters. They were cheap so as a kid it was pretty affordable. As an adult buying this magazine, my opinion on it has slightly shifted. It was very difficult to find anything that I remotely liked, and I couldn't get into the art style anymore. I remember the time when comics were the cheapest way for me to get exposure from the world of creative art, but at this time and age I can easily access the internet and survey through a vast network of creative arts. Another factor could be that my taste in art has matured (I kind of feel like a dick for using this term). By matured I am trying to say that I have absorbed what I could from a certain genre of art and I have decided to move on. One could say that moving on from the past could be a sign of maturity (Do you guys agree?).

To top it all off, the end product is literally a piece of shit, with a happy face on it. Does it mean anything? I guess a happy piece of shit means your body is healthy and well! I hope ya'll take a happy shit today.