Dreamworks Exhibition: Sculptures

I went to see the Dreamworks exhibition over the weekend. It was supposed to rain over here in Korea so the trip was initially cancelled, but the rain never came so I decided to go on the trip. I was at first a little bit skeptical about the exhibit, because I have never really been a Dreamworks fan, but after visiting the museum, I had no more regrets. Plus, I was able to visit a few other exhibits before heading back home. 

The Dreamworks exhibit had an array of drawings, illustrations, sculptures, clay models and animated projections. I couldn't really film any of the animated projections (not that I was planning to anyways), but they were wonderfully presented. They also had computers setup where you can mess around with the character models, tweak the lighting effects and adjust the water effects. The exhibition was surprisingly technical and very specific about the details involved in the animation process. This was unexpected because I didn't think that they would go so far into the details of the process of animation. (3D and 2D) They even had a section in the end of the exhibit where you can create your own little animation. (it was a bit technical for the average person to handle, so most people just ended up making cute little digital sketches) Seeing this whole exhibit made me want to pull out my light box one more time, only to find myself pushing the light box back into its dark little corner, because I was reminded of those sleepless nights, scanning countless drawings into the computer, just so I could finish the damn short. 

The exhibit was very plentiful, and it left your mind with a lot of cool ideas and emotions. I would highly recommend visiting this exhibit if it ever comes to your neighborhood.