The Great Graffiti Exhibition

The Drippy paintings are done by "Zevs"

I only have one photo of "JR's" pieces. He has some interesting work that I couldn't exactly do justice with my own photography. He's worth a google search. Very socially aware, and artistic, like many of these guys here in the exhibition. 

"VANDAL" is the name of the artist below. He seems to use a fair amount of symbology to present his work. 

"Crash" had pieces that were more reminiscent of a more "classical" era of graffiti. Reminded me of Lichtenstein's pop art style.

These graphic, patterned, mathematical pieces were made by "Atlas". They make me think about mazes and circuit boards. I overheard one exhibition guide mention his influences coming from religious mantras from asia and middle eastern patterns. 

One of my personal favorites from this exhibit was from an artist called "John One".

"Shepard Fairley," you may recognize his Obey Andre logo and clothing brand.  

My contribution to the exhibition.