Paju Lotte Outlet

I haven't been very up to date with my blog posts and social media stuff because it was the winter vacation for the kids. Winter vacation usually means a change in schedule, which also means I have longer working hours, because kids in Korea attend their local cram schools during their vacation days. 

I spent most of my time at work so I wasn't able to keep up to date with my usual updates. Plus, this was my last winter vacation schedule, because I had informed my boss that I was going to quit. 

The winter vacation schedule is now over, and we are currently celebrating the Lunar new year so people in Korea are busy moving around the country, visiting relatives and what not. I went to visit my relatives the other day, and we had a nice festive feast. 

I've been trying to prepare for life after work, and I haven't exactly been able to get a god grasp on how I'm going to approach my plan. It's only been a week without work but I'm already feeling lethargic, and the nervous energy just doesn't seem to be letting up. Once February passes by I'm going to prioritize on getting a part time job, and once I get that sorted out I'm going to try and maximize my time on my art, which was something that I wasn't able to fully do while I was working full time.

On the brighter side of things, my boss had given me some gift certificates so I could do some shopping. I'm not really a shopping enthusiast but an opportunity like this doesn't pop up too often. The only problem was that the gift certificate was limited to certain locations, and the best place that I could use it on was all the way on the western side of Seoul. This was quite a commitment just for some light shopping, because it took a good two hours or so to get to my destination. 

The place that I went to was a shopping outlet located in a city called Paju. It's close to Incheon airport, and if you make your way up to the roof you can use their binoculars to glance over the borders of North Korea. To be honest, I wasn't able to tell if it was North Korea or not because all I saw were mountains.

The outlet itself was quite a large establishment and it had a nice open environment, but for a frigid winter weather, it was not the most appropriate place to stay at. I can imagine this place being busy during the warmer seasons. 

I spent most of my time at Nike, just because I needed some basketball shoes that I could wear for indoor occasions. The factory outlets we selling their shoes at nearly half price so I practically bought three shoes for the price of one. Considering that buying three shoes was overkill in my opinion, but the gift certificate was to blame. If it were my own hard earned cash I would have been happy with the most affordable pair. 

Considering this location was pretty far off, but it wasn't too difficult to get to. I recommend this area for people who want to go shopping for affordable prices, during the warmer seasons of course because it was too darned cold.