Ferry Pier At Aberdeen

After taking a quick tour of Central and Admiralty, I hopped on the subway and made my way to South Horizons via the new south island line. I made a quick tour around my old neighborhood, and came to realize there were a few changes in the malls but everything else around the neighborhood seemed to have been left untouched. 

Knowing that there was not much to do I got on a bus filled with school children half my size who were heading back home, and then I made my way to Aberdeen. I never really gave myself a chance to really discover Aberdeen, so I took a few detours from my usual path and eventually came upon this obscure ferry pier, which was probably here for longer than my existence. 

My aim was to get to the Jumbo restaurant ferry pier but from the path that I was taking, I had to pass through a very rough looking boating harbor type area. It was like a construction yard of some sort, but it all seemed very flimsy(?). A lot of the areas didn't seem like they were built with the restrictions of safety regulations, and may of the paths seemed to have been build many years ago, back when things were mainly constructed with wood and bricks. The pathway was littered with garbage of all sorts, planks of wood, broken plastic articles, empty beer cans, and traditional items that may have been used for ritualistic purposes. The collection of the abandoned objects seemed to tell a story of its own, contained within it's own private world.

I eventually made my way to the Jumbo restaurant ferry pier where the taxi boats came to pick up its customers. Unfortunately I couldn't get a clear picture because of a private boat yard. 

After getting the pictures that I had wanted, I turned around and made my way back to Aberdeen centre (It's spelled that way because of the British influence.), a place where I used to visit every now and then back when I used to live around the neighborhood.