Art Toy Culture 2018

The Art Toy Culture exhibition this year was not as hype as last year, but the quality of the exhibition was still at a pretty high level. There were some familiar faces and there were some new ones too. This years exhibit seemed to have a stronger sense of merchandise compared to last years more artistic approach, but it was still very entertaining. I got to see some very independent toy makers/ artists who were creating some very interesting work. Some of the more familiar booth's had similar work, and some of them had fresh new work. It was really a blast to see all of the variety of artists expressing their creativity through their medium of toys. Toys are an integral part of my childhood, and without it I would not be the person I am today. The physical quality of the toys and the creativity that it can bring to the user can inspire the persons core personality, at least this is what I believe. 

Interestingly, there was a dedicated Gundam Gunpla (Gundam related plastic figurines) booth with many high quality figures being displayed. I was fairly surprised and very excited to come across this booth. The picture below may express that excitement...

There were so many great things to see and they were all very colorful, creative and fun. At times like this I would have been happy to have come with kids just to see their reactions. 

It seems like the concept of toys are no longer in the realm of just children, and it seems to have been accepted as an art form accepted by all ages. I am interested to see where this medium will go in the future, and how it will evolve. One day I would like to dabble with toys myself.