Being Lazy

   I've been really lazy with my posts and I haven't really put in much effort into, actively, posting all of my recent creative work. I've been creating things but I haven't finalized anything. I have a very indecisive personality and I go from one project to another, or I jump from one medium to another medium. My focus in school was animation and I still have a lot of passion for it but I have absolutely no discipline as of now.
   I've been really liking the webcomic culture and I would like to start a comic. Actually, I have a comic that I have started on but I'm pretty new to it and things are still pretty alien to me. I'm a real traditionalist, and to me this word means preferring to stick to the old school hand drawn work. The comic that I've been working on was purely made on photoshop so the whole process from drawing with the wacom, to just experiencing the whole comic making process made me learn a lot. Its definitely a practice that one has to really invest a lot of time into. I'll post it as soon as I'm done. I'd like to turn it into a page a week type thing but I haven't really figured out my topic for the comic. I'm just going to keep working on it, and hopefully over time I'll develop some kind of technique to formulate the whole process.