It was a public holiday in Korea, this Monday. I went to work on Saturday, and then right after work I went to meet my friend to watch "Men In Black 3". The movie was just your average Hollywood entertainment with nothing much to offer. The whole MIB fad died a long time there really wasn't much to expect. Tommy Lee Jones was really old. That was sad to see, especially for an actor, because they live by their image.
   On Sunday I went to a place in Korea called Incheon. Its a city area, about an hour train ride away from Seoul, and two and a half hours away from my city, which is Uijeongbu. I went there without any high hopes, so I didn't expect anything special. There was a Chinatown there so I was looking forward to some authentic Chinese food, but in the end it was stupid of me to expect it. As some of you may know, Chinese food has been globalized, and many countries offer Chinese food, but because the food has to suit the taste of the people in the country, they have to make some changes to the original recipe. For instance American Chinese take away "Sweet and Sour Pork" is a world different from the Hong Kong "Sweet and Sour Pork". The Korean "Sweet and Sour Pork" is very different as well. The menu probably depends on the chefs approach on their style, but typically most Chinese restaurants like to stay to a basic, straight from the factory, style.
   I'll stop ranting on about Chinese food. I sometimes get carried away.
After China town I went to a pier called "Wolmido" which is supposed to be a popular tourist attraction in Incheon, and there were a lot of people there to prove it. To me It was nothing special, because I came from Hong Kong, and the sea is pretty much all around that country, because it is practically a small island, containing a city. It was probably something special for the people that came to "Wolmido", from downtown Seoul, because Korea is characterised by its mountainous landscapes, so seeing the sea is usually something you can brag about.
   To be frank, you cannot experience the city of Incheon in one day. I was only able to get a glimpse of that place and there seemed to be more attractions to visit. "Wolmido" and China town are not places that I would visit again, because I didn't feel like I had a lasting experience there, but I would like to visit some of their museum and parks, as well as the main city itself.
   On Monday, I had lunch with my granny and we did some grocery shopping. After that I pretty much took a lazy walk around my neighborhood bike path. The weather was very nice and the bike path was awesome, because it wasn't crowded with people. One bad thing about living in a city is that in any given weekend, or holiday, people are going to come from every nautical direction, in a frenzy for shopping, eating, playing and all that crazy human stuff that we do. Absolutely insane!
"Too many people makes me want to just...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"