Disappointed, frustrated, complain-ted

I was really disappointed today. I applied for a Chinese course in a local academy near my neighborhood, but because of scheduling clashes I was unable to attend a bunch of classes last month. The academy was kind enough to let me continue my classes on the following month.

Here we are in the following month but to my utter disappointment, the academy was unable to fit a time into my schedule because not enough students had applied for that schedule. Most of the classes are taught at night because many university students and people with 9 to 5 jobs find themselves most comfortable with the night classes. The current English academy that I work at has an awkward schedule where I work from 1 to 9 so it's quite impossible for me to attend those night classes in the Chinese academy.

My frustration did not just stem from this one occasion. I was trying to apply for a job overseas in Hong Kong, my home town, which would have been much better for me, personally, but because I was currently employed in my academy here in Korea they rejected me! ouch! I really can't help but realize that my current job is holding me back from my personal development. I don't know If I should just change my position into a part timer and look for other opportunities or just quit. If I quit I won't have an income which is equally stressful as my current situation, but one must give up something to acquire something else right? Money is really important because without it you lack the resources to be social or even buy materials or programs for your creative hobbies, but I really hate the idea of being held back because of my material needs...

I needed to let this writing come out. It really might just be a tantrum in my behalf because I should really be thankful for being employed at all, because there are many people around me in Korea who are suffering from being unemployed. I have plenty of friends and acquaintances outside of Korea, around the world who are salvaging what they can to stay creative while bringing the food to the table. I've been starting to realize how good it was back when you had your parents supporting you. Now it's all about making decisions. What a headache!

Let us all give it our best shot and make our present time count!