Dunk Kid's Box Art

I used to be a big gamer. I tried a variety of video and computer games and my resume of gaming is quite diverse, ranging from te handheld to the most current. I have had my taste of a variety of genres. I would like to write more about my gaming experience but just for today I want to focus on the box art of this game. I have not tried this game at all but just by looking at the box art it brings back a lot of memories. It certainly has a very 90's feel to the box art where things were hand drawn and you could definitely make it out with the naked eye. It looks like pen and ink, and then maybe it was colored using either water colors or graphic markers. I would like to lean towards graphic markers because they are still a popular tool for the handy 2d craftsmen of the Japanese anime industry. I really want this box art. I don't care much for the game. I do like basketball:)