Prague Sketchbook - Hotel Europa

While I was there I had these awesome color pencils that my friends mother gave to me. They were very bold and vivid. They were also very smooth, and they dug themselves into the teeth of the paper very comfortably. Absolutely loved them. I remember some people in my school saying 'you should never touch up previous sketchbook pages' but I said 'what the heck!' and just did as I was pleased. 

I have a lot of these type of pages in my sketch book where the ideas are just flying around all over the page, but again, there are some decorative elements involved in the pages. I think while I was there I really fell in love with this one hotel called Europa hotel. I believe it had a yellow facade and green roof. It was so unapologetically european, which made me love it that much more. I've realized that most of these drawings through out my sketch book were done by using mechanical pencils. I rarely use them now...

Usually I'm kind of ADHD so I have a tough time with details but maybe the Czech environment brought out some of the OCD within me LOL. I purposefully zoomed up on this area of the picture because I wanted to show the details on the tiles, and especially the windows. If you look closely, in between the three windows there are four pillars. They are not masterfully rendered but just the fact that I tried to draw it makes me wonder. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!

This "thing" that I drew... Again, I do not know what it is. It looks like some dort of mechanical contraption but the frontal, cylindrical area makes it look as it it is a door that could be opened. Maybe it's a transportable public toilet.

This is hotel Europa from another angle. This one is slightly less linear, but it still has a very cartoony, imaginative feel to it.