Prague Sketchbook 2007 - Sleeping In Class

I'm going to be uploading some work from my sketchbook from back in the days, during college. I had the opportunity to visit Prague as a school trip so I decided to go. It was a few years back so my memory is quite vague but there was are certain vibes that I still remember from that place. From what I remember it was quite dark and the overall atmosphere of the place was quite moody and grey. People there didn't smile much when you gave them eye contact. (It's not much different from Korea too -_-) The architecture was great, in my opinion, because there were a variety of buildings that looked very old, and their aging surfaces were relished with history. It was scarred from the weather and the layer of paint were peeling off of the surface revealing its grey, dirtier surface. I thought it was quite beautiful and awesome that they were able to preserve a variety of these buildings and not surprisingly they were still being used as public spaces. I took some art history classes while I was there and the professors were describing the history of the architecture and like the model student that I was, I didn't listen...(I regret this till this day ㅠ_ㅠ)  What I did not regret was that I actually drew quite a lot on my sketch book considering that we were travelling every day, for a week.

I was quite surprised when I found this sketchbook. I wasn't expecting anything particular at all because at that time I was trying to clean out my closet and my sketchbooks were getting in the way of my paintings. I thought I'll take a trip down memory lane and I was not disappointed. I was actually a little sad because I missed my college days and the friends that I shared this experience with. I'm still kind of in contact with one of my friends that i went on this trip with. I really should contact him more often.
While I was looking through this sketch book I realized that during my semester is 2007 I took a lot of figure drawing classes and from my figure drawing classes there were a lot of techniques that I learned. It was nice to see some of these techniques being used, fairly consistently, through out the pages. I've also realized that my ability to draw figures had declined substantially and I almost wish I could get my 2007 self back here today to do some more figurative studies.

This page from the sketch book was one of those history lectures that I oh so consistently fell asleep in. For some reason I managed to get this jotted down. I have a habit of "decorating" my notes and this is page is a great example of what a "decorated" page looks like.

At one point during my life time I was really interested in graffiti. I wasn't so into it as much as m first roommate who was really awesome at it, but he certainly influenced me to become a wannabe. I never took graffiti very seriously but I did enjoy playing around with font, and I made variety of graphic fonts. I kind of want to get back into this...