Prague Sketchbook - An Imaginary Place

Here is another one of those isolated places. There is a small figure standing on top of the darkly shaded platform. Although this landscape has only one figure, it doesn't seem to be as desolate and isolated. The ornamental pillars and the occasional houses that appear in the background, and to top it off there is the large fortress type structure in the background. All these elements seem to hint that there are some other forms of life besides the tiny figure. I probably wanted to emphasize the point that the figure just arrived.

There are ladders on two of the pillars near the foreground of the picture. They hint to another level of surface above this image. I cannot image what it is but I was probably imagining some type of floating structure or island in the skye. I was imagining a place like Laputa from Gulliver's travels. I can image the average person taking at least two to three days worth of consistent, marathon-like climbing if they were planning on reaching that floating surface.