Prague Sketchbook - In the Museum

I think this page was created when I spent half the day in a museum in Prague. I can't remember the name of the museum but I'm guessing it was quite a big one. If it was me today I would have just walked around the museum for a quick glance, and then walk back and take my time with the ones that I liked. Me five years ago apparently had the patience to stop and jot down names and sketch the damn pictures. WHAT WAS I THINKING! I'm actually ashamed of the current me. I feel like I'm much more impatient compared to the younger me!

I drew a lot of eyes back in the days and I still have this habit of drawing eyes in my sketch book. It's definitely an unconscious thing that is going on somewhere deep inside my mind and I don't know what triggers it. I really liked watching anime back in high school and eyes are sometimes a real selling point of certain character designs. I certainly enjoyed drawing various eye designs. This drawing of an eye in the picture above is far from anime, but it has a certain graphic quality to it that appealed to me.

And then I went ahead and drew this... It seems to be a crossover between a uni-horn hamster and a jack rabbit of some sort. I believe the me back then realized how silly this drawing was and then decided to obliterate its eyes. 

The images above and below were very Picasso-esque. They had a very deliberate abstract style but they didn't completely stray from the representational form. I like that figure above because it reminds me of a seaweed of some sort wriggling its way up towards the surface. Because it is a female seaweed, as you may have noticed from its boobs, maybe it was trying to reach the surface to lay some eggs. by the way, seaweeds don't lay eggs. The image below was also quite interesting to me because whoever this person was had a very smug yet confident looking face. I liked how the drawing came out but I'm even more curious as to what the color combinations were in the painting. At least I think I remember this image being a painting.