Prague Sketchbook - Lost In Thought

This was one of the pages that really caught my attention. I'm not really all that interested in the comic book frame element on the top half of the page, but I was more attentive towards the bottom half of the page. There was a purposeful execution towards this atmospheric landscape of some sort of bridge. If you look carefully there is a very small figure right around the middle are of the image. There is a sense of isolation and loneliness, yet there is an adventurous element to this figures journey. I feel as if this piece was a reflection of my state of mind during that period of time. I enjoyed being alone and I enjoyed venturing off to unknown places and getting lost without any need for companionship, yet by the end of the day there is this empty feeling. It was never an emptiness that left me frightened, but it was closer to the sense of solitude. I really respect solitude and as a creative individual I believe in going on mindful journeys into vast areas of the unknown. It is frightening, yet exciting. It may also be a representation of my social awkwardness. I'm actually quite an outgoing person, yet I do not need constant companionship. I actually get a little bit tired when I am surrounded by too many people because there are too many people to attend to and think about. At times like this I dream about going on long thoughtful walks.

At this period of time there was a mange (Japanese Comic) that I had read. It is titled "BLAME". It is a very atmospheric manga that is worth the read if you are into science fiction and architecture.