Prague Sketchbook - The Mid Afternoon View

While I was in Prague there was a canal running along in-between two sides of the city. I can't remember too clearly but the side I was on was the old side and the other side was the new and developing prague.

Every morning I went for a jog along the canal early in the morning. The view was beautiful yet eerie. It was very foggy in the morning and I could only really see about 100 meters ahead of me. It was very quite and serene, the traffic had not begun to develop and people were scarce. It felt like the whole city was sleeping. Every time I jogged across the canal I always passed this bridge and for some reason I really liked this view.

At most times I would use reference photos but while I was in Prague I had no computer with me so I just sat down and drew what I saw. Because it was mid afternoon I didn't have all the time in the world before everything started to get dark. I probably stayed there for not longer than an hour and this was what I was able to draw. I'm a big fan of drawing crisp clean lines. I believe the technique that influenced me was called contour lines. It's quite an amazing technique when you get the hang of it. I also implemented a shading style that my friend used to employ onto this drawings. He would draw these continuous patterned streaks and create the illusion of a light shadow.

I haven't implemented any contour techniques into my drawings ever since I graduated. It makes me very sad that I am getting further away from art academia. *cry, cry*