Prague Sketchbook - Sensing Some Impressionism

This must have been one of those pages that I drew when I was in a cafe, or maybe in my room. Just as a fore warning, we will be seeing quite a large number of portraits.

The Golem returns again. This time it has taken on the form of some sort of clay or stone elemental object. It reminds me of a video game character in a fantasy RPG (Role Playing Game).

I do not know who this character is but I liked the color coordination that was involved in this piece. This was a period in my time where I would experiment with various colors. I was never really confident with them but images like this show me that I was attempting to try out various color combinations. I never really realized, until very recently, that I have a very colorful palette and I really like using pastel tones, to a certain degree. I am very fond of Monet and his impressionist contemporaries. They have a very unique sense of color and vision that I am consistently moved by.

This troll figure was just really weird. He has a very sinister look about him and his teeth are very unwelcoming. From the length and purposeful direction of the lines, I'm guessing this image was drawn quite quickly. Usually when I draw my monsters this is my general approach, especially when I am drawing. I've been wanting to bring these kind of elements into my paintings.