Prague Sketchbook - Cliffside

As you may have realized that hand drawing that I posted was positioned as such, shown on this scan of my sketchbook. It really loses it's character when shown next to this landscape illustration. I've always been really into adventure media as a child and I feel as though this kind of environment expresses a very thrilling yet beautiful environment one can live in. During this period of time I was really into a video game called "The Shadow of the Colossus". The game had really beautiful environments and it really made me want to live in such a world.

I really like cliffs and houses that are built around cliffs. It's so dangerous yet the view that one lives with is awesome. The male lead character from "The Castle In the Sky" lives in a house next to a cliff, and that kind of environment is an ideal place to live, at least for me. If you look at the illustration on the bottom you may be able to see the ladder like contraptions. The person who resides in this house needs to make their way up and down through this ladder. One false move and they will fall to their demise. It's a risk that the person needs to take to live in this house, but the person who does live in this house can boast ultimate courage.