Prague Sketchbook - Crossing over to Vienna

On the top left you might me able to recognize the watermelon-ish fruit. It is a continuation page from the previous post. It's a strange looking combination of food oddities but I assure you in my imaginary world this concoction over here is one fine platter. 

 The existence of this angular, pillar formation thing still makes me think about the possible drawing that could have been created. I can already see a cyberpunk, angular architectural element involved in the background of a sci-fi illustration.

The drawing below is the one that I really wanted to write about. When I was drawing this picture it was an exciting moment for me because this picture was drawn when I went to Vienna, and in Vienna there was a museum with an area dedicated to Egon Schiele. I was always very drawn by Egon Schiele's style, and his figurative works were a huge influence to my development as an artist. What really struck me was when I saw his landscape paintings in Vienna. They were very definitive Egon Schiele work with its dark color palate and definitive lines and painting strokes that did not try to blend smoothly. There were some brighter elements involved with some of his work but I can only remember this one in my memory...