Prague Sketchbook - Farewell My Dear Camera

Hello splash page! 

This camera was the camera that I took to Europe with me. It was a great tool and a friend while it lasted, but unfortunately it passed away about a year ago. It just decided to die after 10 years of servitude. It was a Nikon that I bought back when I was in high school. It was capable of taking 5 megapixel quality images! OMG! 10 years later my smart phone was capable of producing images on par. I guess my camera sensed the changes in the technological tide so it decided to just die one day.

I have no idea what these graphic texts say. Maybe a kind soul out there could translate this for me? I must have seen it somewhere and I'm guessing I must have been seriously bored. I can kind of guess "Europaer" and "Offizielle" but appart from that they all look too German to me.