Prague Sketchbook - Fight club? and Weird Food

Another two page scan. I really should have cut the pages and posted them as separate pages but I got lazy! These pages have a very playful element about them and it really doesn't have any significant relation to the events in Prague. I did like some of the character design elements involving the female figure. This was drawn from the imagination but there are some realistic elements involved, especially with the eyes. I've always had difficulty depicting the female form but this one seems acceptable. Usually when I draw female forms I end up making the females look very male. I tend to draw with lines and even my shading style uses lines so when It comes to depicting the smoother and subtler variety of form I tend to lack the patience and poise to depict it. When I look at this character I am reminded of the female lead role from "Fight Club". I believe I watched that movie before I went to Prague and the female character really left an impression in my head. 

The eyes have returned! This wouldn't be a Hyun-woo Park sketchbook without eyes. For some reason I have this great attachment to eyes. I always find eye contact to be very important in any kind of relationship. I also fear the eye because I grew up thinking that someone was always watching me... Scary!

This was an interesting page. When I first came across it I was thinking to myself "Why did I do this again?" and then I remembered. I was thinking about what kind of interesting and imaginative food people could be eating in another dimension. I don't know why I was thinking about different dimensions and their palatable cuisine but here it is. It's some kind of watermelon at first glance but the exterior shell is some kind of rubbery substance. When you open it a maggot like balloon object spills out. When you cut that object open, a very sweet juice will spill out and tiny corn like objects will fall out. I could imagine these corn like objects having a soft oily texture just like the meat from within a coconut. When you bite into the corn like objects the juices within the corn like objects will burst with flavor. This sounds like a pretty interesting fruit in my opinion, but I do have a strange palate when it comes to food.