Prague Sketchbook - Self Endorsement

This was a cartoon sketch of a more realistic image. I made a sketch of this image after I saw it in Vienna in an Odilon Redon exhibit. I remember the print/drawing being very dark, in terms of shading, so I had a hard time figuring out what was going on. At first I thought it was some kind of demon hugging a tree but the more closer I looked the image started to really reveal itself. The nature of the image was highly sexual and it was really unexpected. My version of this image is kind of cute and watered down so it may look like a joke, but the original drawing was quite powerful in terms of the narrative that it was telling. I took it as a representation of lust but then the nature of the lust goes over board and the figure indulges in this weird self pleasuring act. Maybe deep down inside we are all creatures who are tied down to our inner lust and we are all secretly hiding something lustful that we do not want to reveal. Or, this drawing could have been a fun piece of work that the artist did just to please  himself, you know what I mean.*wink*wink*