Prague Sketchbook - Vienna Cafe

I was in a fancy cafe in Vienna. I was also, probably the only person drinking hot chocolate amongst the majority of coffee drinkers. The cafe was a very well furbished place with a great interior and tasteful graphic posters. I think there was a mechanical train and train track installed above on the ceiling but my memory of it is so vague that I could be confusing it with another place. I sat down, by myself, for a an hour or two just sitting and drinking. Now that I think about it, that last posting with the camera was also done in this cafe. That's probably where I got all of the graphic texts from. 

I was studying some people. One of the best things about a cafe is that you can meet some of the stillest(?) people that society could offer. They just stare away into the vast blankness, or their mobile phones, PDAs and such. This allows me to draw to my hearts content. During this period of time there were no smart phones yet, but ever since the rising emergence of smartphones we now have the most immobile gathering of people ever, in cafes. I focused in on these two female figues because I thought I was able to get their mood with a few contour lines. How I wish I can draw in this style again...