Sketchbook 2k9 - Lizardmen

Im a big fan of stories about the alternative universe, science fiction and the fantasy genre in general. I'm certain that there are plenty of fantasy nerds out there who know all of the variation of monsters that appear in these types of fiction. I have this library of knowledge in my mind as well and I would really love to use it somewhere, per say, my own creative work. Only, there is one problem that I keep running into. I can never find a good starting point for any of the visuals that appear in my head. They are always these kind of sporadic, masturbatory pieces where I just kind of make out of the joy of the situation. When I came across this illustration of the lizardmen I recalled the times that I spent daydreaming about my own universe and how vastly large it was. It still exists somewhere in my imagination but I just can't seem to organize my mind to create a coherent body of work even for myself.

Besides the whining, I enjoy looking at these pieces. They were not predesigned. They were just drawn out of reaction. I could tell because with my style of drawing I like to have a nice clean line, without any sketchy pre renditions, but the line does not have to be very angular or straight. I like a nice crisp, confident line, and this habit appears very frequently when I use graphite. If a mistake is made I just kind of leave it as a happy accident.